Charlie Rinehart

Charlie Rinehart has been coaching speech and acting for over ten years. He has coached high school forensics (competitive acting and speaking) in Michigan since the year 2000. In that time he has successfully coached two State champions, including a duet acting performance of Don Hertzfeldt Lily and Jim. As a performer, Charlie has worked with multiple independent improvisational groups and traveled with the Playback theatre company "Six Figures". On the main stage Charlie has performing mainly in independent productions around the Ypsilanti/Ann Arbor area. His directing credits include an adaptation of the short story A&P, as well as adaptations of the novels Life of Pi, and I Love You, Beth Cooper which were put together for the stage. Charlie has a bachelor's degree from Oakland University and a Masters degree from Eastern Michigan University with a focus in Interpretation and Performance Studies. Currently he is a Special Lecturer in the Communication and Journalism department at Oakland University. He teaches Group Dynamics, Public Speaking and other Performance and Communication courses. Charlie has been nominated twice for the “Excellence in Teaching” award at Oakland University and feels his teaching philosophy is comprised of heavy student involvement and strong interaction between theory and application. He applies this philosophy to all of his teaching and coaching. Along with REALLY enjoying coaching, teaching and working behind the scenes, Charlie’s true passion is performance! He enjoys working with aspiring actors, singers, and dancers to assist them in developing interpretation skills to help with emotional connections to their work.
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