Gev Manoukian

Of Armenian descent, Gev was born and raised in Kazakhstan. In his senior year of school, Gev formed the first break-dancing group in his hometown. Together, they learned their moves by watching videos and through trial and error. In 2003 Gev moved to Salt Lake City, UT. He soon found a local break-dancing/hip-hop group and joined the ranks, picking up where her left off in his hometown.  The group, Extreme Dance Studio, introduced him to the world of hip-hop. With his natural ability to pick up new dance movements, and his zeal to dance, the new genera took flight; bringing him to a new level in dancing.  As he continued developing his dancing abilities, he soon discovered a new transition in his dancing, the combination of break-dance, hip-hop, and classical movements all rolled into one.  Gev engages audiences with his self-taught moves and passion. In 2004 Gev auditioned for the Hollywood block buster, High School Musical 2, and was chosen as a featured dancer.  Two years later, he was cast as a principal dancer in the movie, The American Mall. In 2008 Gev’s dancing talents took him to the nationwide auditions of the Fox reality, hit, TV show, So You Think You Can Dance.  Gev’s unique, versatile, and powerful dancing abilities, won the judges and America over, as he danced his way to the top 10 dancers. Recently he performed with Whitney Houston and could be seen on some of the Disney and Nickelodeon shows.
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