Rapture Dance Project presents
City Lights was Rapture Dance Project’s first, full-length show. We chose to create a contemporary piece inspired by Charlie Chaplin’s, 1931 silent film, City Lights, because of the way the story parallels the creation of Rapture Dance Project. This story contains, what seems to be, so many small, unclear moments that alter the direction of the characters’ paths. These changes cause the characters to collide together, resulting in life-long relationships. So many times we overlook these simple miracles and focus just on the here and the now. This show’s creation process has given us, as artists, a chance to reflect on the moments in our own lives that may have been confusing, scary, unintelligent, or sad, and have found the beauty in them. We see now how those moments were placed perfectly in our path to bring us to this incredible time, with these astounding people. “Great things are not done by impulse, but by a series of small things brought together.” -Vincent Van Gogh
City Lights is a romantic comedy, based on the 1931 Charlie Chaplin silent film, where a man does everything he can to help a girl who he loves. The poor man falls for a blind flower girl who mistakenly takes him for a wealthy millionaire. He manages to get her the money she needs for an operation to restore her sight, but when they finally meet, she does not recognize him. In the style of a fairytale romance, it is only when she touches his hand that she realizes this down-and-out is the man who changed her life.
July 25 & 26, 2014
Meadow Brook Theatre
207 Wilson Blvd
Rochester Hills, MI
Shauna Zambelli……..The Flower Girl
Matt Dorame…………..The Poor Man
Sarah Aezer…………..The Artist
Natalie Reid…………..The Guardian Angel
Gev Manoukian……….The Millionaire
Dayna O'Connell……..The Millionaire's Wife
Charlie Rinehart………The Butler
Jen Osorio……………..The City
Brandon Koepsell…….The Affair
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